Preparing for and Presenting in a Disciplinary Enquiry

What does this course achieve?

As a presenter in a disciplinary enquiry learn how to ensure that all the necessary information has been gathered for the preparation of the wording a charge and presentation of the case in the enquiry. This course will equip you with skills to develop a strategy which is consistent with the law of unfair dismissal, the Company’s Disciplinary Code and Procedure and the law of evidence, and make persuasive opening and closing statements, and conduct effective examination, cross-examination and re-examination. The course can be conducted over two or three days, to meet clients' needs.

Course outline

  1. Challenges in disciplinary
  2. Purposes of a fair disciplinary enquiry
  3. The law of unfair dismissal
  4. Termination descriptions
  5. Substantive considerations
  6. Procedural considerations
  7. Codes of good practice dismissals
  8. Remedies for unfair dismissals in terms of the LRA
  9. Procedure for a disciplinary enquiry
  10. Physical layout of a disciplinary enquiry
  11. Opening statements
  12. Narrowing the issues
  13. Examination
  14. Cross-examination
  15. Re-examination
  16. Closing statements
  17. Objections
  18. The law of evidence
  19. Evidence challenges
  20. Some basic rules about evidence
  21. Possible approaches to a document
  22. Preparing to present in a disciplinary enquiry
  23. Main stages in preparing for a disciplinary enquiry
  24. Statement taking
  25. Strategising
  26. Formulating charges
  27. Preparing witnesses

This course is accredited by the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) and is aligned to unit standard 11286 Institute Disciplinary Action (NQF occupational qualification level 5, 8 credits).

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What participants say

"Valued added and insightful. Presented full of real life case studies to help memorise facts and ideas."
- Raymond Olivier, Nestlé, May 2018

"I strongly believe this course will empower every new line manager in their performance management tasks. The knowledge will allow them to effectively draw up credible charges and obtain the desired outcomes."
- Anthea Hannie, HR, Nestlé, May 2018

"The course was very refreshing – first time for me. I am very encouraged by the key learnings and insights. The facilitator conducts herself very professionally. I have learnt so much on the back of two recent enquiries where I was an observer and a representative without any exposure."
- Shawn Booysen, Nestlé, May 2018

"A very easy course to follow and gives you confidence to initiate a disciplinary enquiry."
- Larry Wilensky, Nestlé, May 2018

"Well paced and informative!"
- Robin McBroom, Estee Lauder Companies, May 2017

"I really benefited a lot from the course and understand a lot more about the procedures of disciplinary, and all the steps."
- Claudia Nesbatt, Estee Lauder Companies, May 2017

"The simplicity of the information provided and demonstrated is what makes the training impactful."
- Lindi Opperman, Estee Lauder Companies, May 2017

"This course is absolutely amazing! Information is specific, helpful, thorough but still condensed. Super interactive and a definite eye opener."
- Carla Viljoen, Estee Lauder Companies, May 2017

"The course was detailed and has provided me skills to equip me should I find myself being required to initiate or chair a disciplinary enquiry."
- Ronald Naidoo, Estee Lauder Companies, May 2017

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