Role of Shop Stewards in the Union-Management Relationship

What does this course achieve?

In your capacity as a shop-steward understand and be able to carry out your duties and responsibilities in an appropriate manner; and in compliance with the law and relevant collective agreements. The course can be conducted over two or three days, to meet clients' needs.

Course outline

  1. Describe the basic purpose of union representation within a workplace;
  2. Demonstrate a basic practical understanding of provisions of the LRA which are relevant to shop stewards;
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of dismissal law and representing members in disciplinary enquiries;
  4. Be familiar with the key contents of the collective agreement on organisational rights;
  5. Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of information sharing, consultation and negotiation in the context of a unionised workplace;
  6. Promote and maintain sound relationships between management and shop stewards.

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What participants say

"A great course, a great lecturer. You need nothing more.”"
- ABI, 2012 course

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