CD Direct Panel

The CD Direct Panel is made up of mediators, many of whom are also able to provide services as facilitators, chairpersons of enquiries and investigations, and negotiation or mediation coaches. All panellists have been accredited by one or more of the following organisations:

  • Conflict Dynamics
  • Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (UK)
  • African Centre for Dispute Settlement
  • ADRGroup (UK)

The CD Direct Panel is accredited by the Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council

CD Direct panellists may be appointed in two ways: 

  • Parties may identify suitable panellist on the listing below, and contact them directly on the e-mail addresses alongside their names for appointment on terms negotiated with the panellist or
  • Parties may contact Conflict Dynamics by e-mail or telephone and request assistance in the appointment of a panellist on terms agreed with CD Direct.
  • Where parties contact Conflict Dynamics and request assistance in the appointment of a panellist the Conflict Dynamics client advisor will provide a case management service from the selection and appointment of the panellist to the invoicing of the client and payment of the panellist.
  • To hear more about the service that we offer for appointing a panellist or to become a CD Direct panellist, please contact Craig on 011 669 9578 or email him HERE 

Our panellists are all covered by our professional indemnity insurance when they conduct activities in respect of Conflict Dynamics' appointments. Listed below are some of the policies and procedures regulating our practice: 

  • Click HERE to view our Guide to Mediation, including tips for preparation

  • Click HERE to view our guide to Appointing a Mediator, Fees, and Terms of Business

  • Click HERE for our Model Agreement to Mediate

  • Click HERE to view the CD Direct accreditation requirements

  • Click HERE to review the Code of Conduct to which all CD Direct mediators subscribe

  • Click HERE for our Complaints Procedure

Find a suitable mediator, facilitator, chairperson of enquiries and investigations, negotiation or meditation coach by searching below, by:

  • keywords
  • industry, or
  • dispute type

What Mediation Parties Say?

  • "Just a courtesy note to record our immense satisfaction with the services of Charles Nupen, who was outstanding in every respect. He both met and exceeded our expectations in the role of mediator, bringing to the proceedings a calmness and rationality which engendered a climate for settlement. Thank you too for the role of Conflict Dynamics and the high calibre of your mediator panel."
    - Party to mediation, Director, 28 November 2018
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