The International Mediation Institute (IMI) has approved the Conflict Dynamics' Commercial Mediator Training course as a Certified Mediator Training Programme (CMTP).

This means that our training program meets the independent international standards for mediator training and individuals who successfully complete our training program will be recognised as IMI Qualified Mediators.





The South African Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council (DiSAC) has granted Conflict Dynamics accreditation as a mediation service provider and the Conflict Dynamics Mediator Skills training course has also been accredited by DiSAC. 

This means that Conflict Dynamics has complied with the rigorous and on-going accreditation requirements of DiSAC and that mediators who are accredited by Conflict Dynamics and comply with the requirements to join CD Direct can also call themselves a ‘DiSAC Accredited Mediator’. 

Conflict Dynamics is totally committed to and involved in the development of the professional standards for mediator training accreditation in South Africa.


Conflict Dynamics works in association with a number of other leading local and international organisations in the field of alternative dispute resolution. These include: