Conflict Dynamics provides expert facilitation and consultancy services to manage conflict and resolve disputes within organisations. We also offer coaching, mentoring and supervision to support delegates following training.

How we can add value to your business

  • While conflict is inevitable, disputes are not - disputes can be prevented by effective conflict management;

  • We can assist you to manage conflict and prevent disputes that challenge your people and disrupt your business;

  • You will be able to unlock the full value and potential of your people and your business.

Clients typically call us when conflict becomes an obstacle to their effectiveness, reputation and profitability, and when the following problems arise:

  • Conflict regularly disrupts their operations;

  • Employee and customer surveys reveal dissatisfaction, and there is a general atmosphere of unhappiness;

  • The number of complaints, grievances, disciplinary actions and disputes are high or increasing;

  • The outcomes of these processes are often disputed;

  • They anticipate conflict resulting from change, transformation or re-organisation;

  • They want to embrace more collaborative approaches to conflict management and dispute resolution.

Our services include:

  • Risk assessment – we conduct risk assessment audits for clients to assess how effective their systems are at dealing with conflict, and we highlight areas of risk and propose risk
    mitigation strategies;

  • Dispute systems design – we provide a review and analysis of the factors that cause and contribute to conflict in your organisation and of your current policies and procedures, and then propose changes which would address these problems;

  • Design and facilitate large multi-party and multi-stakeholder negotiations and disputes – we work with you and relevant parties to a negotiation or dispute to identify all interested parties, to design suitable negotiation processes, to assist parties prepare for negotiation and to facilitate the negotiation;

  • Strategy, policy and regulation – we assist you to develop modern strategies and policies consistent with world standards and your prevailing regulatory and legal context. This is particularly important to government agencies who seek to redesign their macro dispute resolution framework;

  • Skills and capacity development – our consulting work is supported by extensive experience in training and skills development. We offer a wide range of courses to support our consulting clients as they take up the challenge of enhancing conflict management and dispute resolution in their organisations. We also offer coaching, mentoring and supervision services to delegates and organisations who have attended our training courses.


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