CD Direct Panel

To join CD Direct you must meet the CD Direct accreditation criteria and complete the relevant application form. To maintain your membership of the panel you must continue to comply with the accreditation criteria and meet the requirements for continuous professional development.

We offer, through CD Direct, to:

  • promote you on our WEBSITE along with your contact details, bio and experience by industry and type of dispute, and
  • in this way, make you more visible for direct appointments, and
  • for appointment by arrangement through CD Direct (T&C apply)

In addition, CD Direct panelists will be eligible for:

  • FREE professional indemnity insurance cover when you undertake activities in respect of Conflict Dynamics' appointments.
  • FREE attendance at Mediator Meetings. These are held a number of times each year, at least twice in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and occasionally in Durban. Each meeting is two hours long, followed by an opportunity for networking over drinks and canapés.
  • By arrangement, two FREE 30-minute pre-mediation coaching or post-mediation debrief sessions per annum with a Conflict Dynamics Director.

The Conflict Dynamics' CD Direct panel has been accredited by the Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council (DiSAC) as a mediation service provider. CD Direct will register panel members with DiSAC for individual mediator accreditation.

If you haven't already joined CD Direct and wish to do so, please contact Craig by emailing him HERE or calling him on 011 669 9578.