What our clients say

"At the end of it all, I am left exhilarated and re-energized, almost like a new convert from a Billy Graham convention... ...The dynamics of the group that you put together added so much to the experience. A completely diverse group, each with quite profound individual qualities, and each contributing so much in their own way to the success of it all.... Quite honestly, I've already drawn from it all that I had initially set out to achieve, and more, so I already feel like a winner. Anything beyond this ( "marks", "accreditation" and further growth wise) will be a complete bonus".

- Delegate on mediator skills training course

"It was unanimously agreed that the course had been a success; the content was precise, relevant, well structured, and the methodology combined different participatory methods of adult learning to build capacities in a progressive way that enabled the participants to acquire and consolidate, step by step, knowledge and skills related to conciliation and mediation of labour conflict. The facilitators had demonstrated a rare combination of high-level knowledge, expertise, direct experience and training skills.…. Participants considered the course gender sensitive and highly relevant both to their current functions and to their organisations….Their continuous reference to their rich practical experience in mediation was particularly appreciated by participants and helped them understand the range of approaches to, and processes for, dealing with conflicts in their regions"

- Said by an international panel of experts of the International Labour Organisation about training conducted by John Brand and Felicity Steadman, directors of Conflict Dynamics.

"I wish to reiterate what my colleagues stated in their feedback and once again thank you for an excellent course"

- W J J Du Plessis, General Manager (Legal) Eskom

"Thank you so much for the course - The feedback I have received is very positive"

- R Chance, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, SAB Miller

"On behalf of Max Price, and all the members of the faculty who attended your workshop on conflict handling skills... I would like to thank you and Felicity most sincerely for providing us with an excellent learning experience, not to mention the team building aspect which was an important spin-off for us all"

- Max Price, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand.

“ I believe the note ... from your 'Mutual Gains' students speaks volumes about your program. We had a positive negotiation session, which we wrapped up in 8 days. We hope to sustain this spirit going forward.”

- Bala, Exxon Mobile

"Dear Professors The learning obtained at the training program at Turin in February has been invaluable and for which I am very grateful. Whilst moving to interest-based negotiation still remains a major challenge in dealing with many industrial relations issues/unions the insight I got of looking at it from an entirely different perspective has helped me a great deal in performing my job role. Trust that 2009 has been a memorable year for the two of you and hope 2010 will be a wonderful year."

- Jayendra de SilvaGroup HR Manager