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Established in 1996, Conflict Dynamics is committed to developing and enhancing the conflict management and dispute resolution skills of people in South Africa and more widely. This includes conflict management training, negotiation skills training, disciplinary enquiry training, disciplinary hearing training, mediator training, mediation training, arbitrator training, arbitration training, and labour law training, amongst other skills.

Conflict Dynamics conducts training and workshops to equip individuals, groups and organisations with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage conflict and resolve disputes most effectively. The products are designed to meet learner and organisational needs, the standards of the National Qualifications Framework and international best practice. 

Courses and workshops are conducted both on an in-house basis and as public courses. Our courses may be presented in a modular format as short sessions of a couple of hours or over one or more days at a time. We also provide coaching, mentoring and supervision services for participants on our courses following training interventions. See more about our consultancy service in this regard.

Conflict Dynamics' trainers receive consistently excellent feedback from delegates. The world class standards of Conflict Dynamics training were recognised in 2012 when the Conflict Dynamics Commercial Mediator Skills training course received the CEDR ADR Trainer's Award in the UK. Conflict Dynamics has accredited over 450 mediators to world standards. 

Conflict Dynamics delivers training throughout Southern Africa and further afield in Nigeria, the UK, Italy, amongst other countries.


"Very professional . Workbook contains fabulous reference material. Trainer was very professional - well done on keeping the Engineers engaged! "

- Participant, Tenova Minerals, March 2013

"Yes. The workbook was very insightful. Will rely on it extensively.”"

- Anglo American, October 2013

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24 Jan 2017 - "We are pleased to share with you a very favourable review of the second edition of our book. "

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