Many mediators on the Conflict Dynamics panel are also able to provide services as facilitators, chairpersons of enquiries and investigations, and dispute resolution coaches and mentors. The panel was established in 2017.

We provide processes on a face-to-face basis as well as using secure online platforms so that parties, their representatives and the coach or mentor can maintain social distance and interact remotely in the safety and comfort of their homes or offices.

As experienced negotiators, mediators, facilitators, chairpersons and investigators, Conflict Dynamics panellists are uniquely placed to coach parties in conflicts and disputes

Conflict coaching is an option designed to help an individual move through a conflict they are facing in the workplace. While each coaching session may look different, all sessions are voluntary, confidential and one-on-one. The sessions typically involve the employee examining the conflict from multiple perspectives and engaging with the conflict on a deeper level. In coaching, individuals are encouraged to identify their own role in the conflict as well as their own needs and the needs of others involved in the conflict. The coach will also help the individual reality-test options to manage or resolve the conflict. At times, coaching involves the teaching of specific conflict resolution and leadership skills.

Some examples of when conflict coaching may be helpful:

  • Planning for a difficult conversation with a colleague or supervisor
  • Thinking through a new or ongoing conflict to identify needs and next steps
  • Identifying personal conflict style and improving responses
  • Learning about the intersection of conflict and leadership
  • Preparing for a mediation
  • Engaging in a deeper conversation about the impact of conflict, inside and outside of the workplace

Similarly, if you are preparing for a disciplinary hearing or an investigation and need advice on how to do this well, you might find it helpful to discuss how to comply with procedural requirements and present a sound case.

All coaches have been accredited by one or more of the following organisations:

Conflict Dynamics Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (UK) Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement ADRGroup (UK)

South African Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council (DiSAC)


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