Mediation Skills

"If you want peace, you don't talk to your friends you talk to your enemies." Desmond Tutu

Conflict Dynamics has been the leading mediator skills training organisation in South Africa since 1996 when it designed the training materials for the first cohort of CCMA Commissioners. In 2007 it started training commercial mediators in collaboration with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in the UK.

Conflict Dynamics also trains employment and workplace mediators. Contact us to discuss your needs for mediation skills training.

Commercial and Court-Referred Mediator Skills - INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED

The Commercial Mediator Training offered by Conflict Dynamics will equip you to mediate conflicts and disputes in many different settings, including in the Magistrates Courts and the High Courts. 

ESG for Mediators - Mediator Professional Development

What is ESG? ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. Find out more about ESG and about the opportunities for mediators and facilitators in the ESG space.

Workplace Mediator Skills for Accredited Mediators

Workplace mediation is suitable at an early stage in a conflict between people who work together and where there is still potential for a future working relationship. 

Workplace Mediation Skills Training

This three-day course is designed to equip you with the skills to mediate conflicts between employees in the workplace, and between employees and employers. It is well known that if conflicts between people in the workplace are managed close to the point of origin there is less chance that they will go on to manifest as grievances and disputes, which are often time-consuming and expensive. Mediation is a particularly effective process for managing such conflicts and disputes. There are extensive opportunities on the course to practice skills through role-play, with feedback from experienced mediator coaches. Participants on this course may choose to go on to attend the coaching and assessment days of the Commercial Mediation Skills Training course and be assessed for Conflict Dynamics mediator accreditation. 

Rule 41A and Mediation Advocacy for Lawyers

As a lawyer learn how to advise your client about mediation and represent them effectively in the process, particularly when it comes to Rule 41A matters.