Join our panel

Conflict Dynamics recommends mediators, facilitators, chairpersons, and coaches to parties in dispute.
To join the panels one must meet the following basic requirements, amongst others:
  • have successfully completed the Conflict Dynamics mediator skills training programme
  • have conducted at least two mediations over the 12 months prior to their application
  • will undertake at least six hours of mediation-specific Continuous Professional Development (CPD) over each year of their panel membership
  • in the event that a mediator wants to make themselves available as a facilitator, coach, chairperson, investigator, or arbitrator, they must be able to demonstrate that have attended relevant training and have relevant experience in that role
Conflict Dynamics panellists are eligible for:
  • recommendation to parties who request the services of a mediator, facilitator, coach, chairperson or investigator, or arbitrator
  • free registration as a DiSAC Accredited Mediator. The Conflict Dynamics panel has been accredited by DiSAC as a mediation service provider and the panel members are registered with DiSAC
  • free attendance at Mediator Professional Development sessions, subject to availability. These events are held a number of times each year either online or in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and occasionally in Durban
  • by arrangement, two free 30-minute pre-process coaching or post-process debrief sessions per annum with a Conflict Dynamics Director

To join the Conflict Dynamics Panel, please complete an Application Form.