Workplace Harassment (the new Code of Good Practice)

Why Attend?

There is an increasing need to raise awareness amongst employers, employees and external service providers about the scourge of harassment in the workplace. The Code of Good Practice on the Prevention and Elimination of Harassment in the Workplace, which was recently published, makes this need even more pressing.

This can be done by conducting a workshop or by facilitating a conversation within the organisation about harassment. The goal of either approach is to provide an opportunity to develop a clear understanding of what constitutes harassment and what is or is not appropriate behaviour between people in the workplace. Where the workshop approach is adopted you will also learn about the legal rights and responsibilities of employers and employees regarding harassment, and about the organisational policies and procedures that should be in place to manage harassment for all concerned. This workshop is typically conducted over one day. The conversations are typically conducted in small groups over a few hours.

Main Topics

  1. Code of Good Practice on the Prevention and Elimination of Harassment in the Workplace
  2. Definition of harassment
  3. What harassment sounds, looks and feels like i.e. its verbal, physical and emotional elements
  4. Effects of harassment
  5. Categories of harassment
  6. What the law says about harassment in the workplace (legislation and case law)
  7. How organisations should respond to allegations of harassment
  8. Practical guidance